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New technologies, processes and security features for physical and virtual identity management

Strengthening the link between physical documents linked to the biometric and the digital (online and also mobile) identity

Address key legal, ethical, socio-economic, technological and organisational aspects of identity-related crimes

Latest updates


Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt, Germany

The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with Joint Research Center (JRC) and Fraunhofer IGD organizes this European-level conference


Reggio Calabria, Italy

The International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (“ARES”) will bring  together researchers and practitioners in the area of dependability. ARES will highlight the various aspects of security -  with special  focus on the crucial linkage between availability, reliability and security.

Microsoft Offices, London

The EEMA Annual Conference provides a forum for sharing real life experiences and learning from experts in the field and it is renowned for its rich educational content and unbiased perspective - no sales pitches, just actionable information.

Austrian Computing Society OCG, Viena

On June 9, the Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) will organize a workshop co-located to APF2017

Austrian Computing Society OCG, Viena

APF 2017 will be held at Vienna on 7 & 8 of June. The event encourages dialog with panel discussions and provides room for exchange of ideas in between scientific sessions. Participate to the discussions during APF days, but also by being involved online on our community channels!


Darmstadt, Germany

The ARIES project was presented at the EAB Research Projects Conference (EAB-RPC) 2017. A project poster was also exhibited.

The 4th edition of the EAB Research Projects Conference took place at the premises of Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt, Germany. The conference is organized by the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with the Joint Research Center (DG-JRC) of the European Commission, through its Cyber and Digital Citizens' security Unit. 

Porto, Portugal

A workshop has been organised and carried out in Porto on 14th September.

The objective of this workshop was to present the ARIES e-commerce demonstrator to a selected group of users and collect their feedback.

Reggio Calabria, Italy

The 1st International Workshop on Creating Identity – Trustworthy Ecosystems CITE 2017, co-organized by the H2020 ARIES and LIGHTest projects was held in conjunction with the ARES EU Projects Symposium 2017.The CITE workshop has focused on the challenges deriving from a digital environment where


ARIES proposal for the EEMA Annual Conference 2017 was accepted and will be presented by Saher in London this Summer.


Legal Frameworks for Hacking by Law Enforcement: Identification, Evaluation and Comparison of Practices