ARIES Ecosystem

The main goal of the ARIES Identity Ecosystem is to provide new technologies, processes and security features that ensure highest levels of quality in secure credentials for highly secure and privacy-respecting physical and virtual identity management with the specific aim to tangibly achieve a reduction in levels of identity fraud, theft, wrong identity and associated crimes and to create a decisive competitive advantage for Europe at a global level.

The process of authentication will be ensured with the use of a smart device allowing the acquisition of all required biometric (especially face) and electronic (using NFC) data. This process should ensure a high level of quality for biometrics acquisition, while assuring data integrity and delivering the derived identities required attributes to the adequate relying party (service provider) These features will be obtained by functionality deployed either locally (on the smart device) or centrally (back-end). Virtual identities will be generated with privacy preserving technologies and will allows citizens just to prove to be in possession of some attributes without exposing the rest of their data, i.e. being over 18 years of age. Given that different levels of assurance are possible a biometric mechanism could also be used as a proof of virtual identity possession where appropriate

Following figure shows an overview of the ARIES ecosystem, where interactions between the entities are depicted. The user manages several identities and credentials, which are issued by Identity Providers (IdP) and presented to the Service Providers (SP) to access the services offered by them.