ARIES Ecosystem

ARIES will provide a comprehensive framework of technologies, processes and security features for physical and virtual identity management contributing to further establish a European electronic ID ecosystem, trustworthy for the citizens. ARIES aims to support law enforcement agencies identity management capabilities. The ultimate project goal is to achieve a reduction in the levels of identity fraud, theft, wrong identity and associated crimes and to create a decisive competitive advantage for Europe at a global level.

The trustworthy ecosystem will allow citizens to generate digital identities securely linked to State-recognized identities using cryptographic and biometric techniques, with different levels of assurance and with different degrees of privacy about their attributes. These virtual identities are designed to cope with the vast majority of identity-related use cases citizens usually confront and are managed through mobile and smart devices highly usable and convenient. The system also comprises a secure vault to store enrolment information only accessible with the necessary data protection guarantees to law enforcement authorities in case of cybersecurity incidents, enabling crime investigation and victims’ assistance.

The following picture shows an overview of the ARIES ecosystem, where interactions among the entities involved are depicted. The user manages several identities and credentials, which are issued by Identity Providers and presented to Service Providers to access the services offered.