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Towards a Privacy-preserving Reliable European Identity Ecosystem

Online activities have now become central to the very way in which millions of
people across the world live their lives. While the Internet has positively enriched societal
communications and economic opportunities, these technological advancements have
changed – and continue to change – the very nature of crime, serving to breed a new
sophisticated and technically capable criminal and terrorist. The scale of contemporary
cybercrime is significantly challenging the capacity and capability of even the most

Privacy + Identity = Opportunity and Challenges

How can identity be made secure, easy to use and private?  Creating an appropriate balance in the digital single market between privacy and security remains a core challenge and opportunity in developing and managing e-identity. Ensuring both privacy and security for our digital persona is the best way forward to combat identity fraud and other identity-related crimes and has to be considered at all stages in the definition and design of any technological project comprising electronic identity.