ARIES at the ARI Digital Show

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Madrid, Spain

ARIES was presented last 27th November at the Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) Digital Show.

The ARI Digital Show is the annual meeting held to present to other Atos Business Units some of the key projects that are in which they are working, that could provide new business solutions to other offering lines. Each year is focused to a different society group, and this year the targeted group was university students, so undergraduates of different business and technology schools were invited to the meeting.

The representative for ARIES was Javier Presa, privacy and security expert who explained how the project emerged from the need of associating a "virtual identity" with an official Identity Card.

Mr. Presa elaborated on several of the most innovative features of the project, as the use of biometrics to verify passengers at the airports, or the possibility of dealing with several electronical identities at the same time.

Mr. Presa also presented DUOS (Digital User Onboarding Service), a resulting asset of the project, addressed precisely to generate a Virtual Identity linked to an official identity document. 

The public reaction was very public, and they expressed a high interest in the topic of Virtual Identities, that is also one of the strategic technological lines of the UE in the upcoming years.