ARIES presentation at Bilbao airport

Monday, December 10, 2018
Loiu airport (Bilbao)

Ertzaintza, one of the Law Enforcement Agencies that make part of the ARIES consortium, has organized a demonstration of the ARIES solution in the airport of Bilbao. On this occasion, the audience consisted of some representatives of Iberia and Aena, one of  world's leading airport operators. Iberia and Aena are ARIES project Associate Partners. As potential adopters of ARIES technologies they were very interested on the boarding use case. The presentation was oriented to the creation of virtual identities using e-passports and its possible usage in the boarding process.
During a brief discussion after the presentation, some of the meeting attendants highlighted the very good position of ARIES against the identity fraud crime and the advantage of time reduction during the boarding process among others attractive characteristics of the ARIES platform.