Ertzaintza is the police force of the Basque Country (Spain). It was created in 1982 as part of the development of the Statute of Autonomy of the Basque Country of 1979. Today, with its 8.000 members, the Ertzaintza is responsible for Public Order, Gaming, Entertainment and Events, Citizen Security and Traffic of the Basque Country. Ertzaintza also combats terrorism, undertakes research and police judicial matters. Ertzaintza answers to the Security Department of the Basque Government.

Role in ARIES

The Ertzaintza Computer Crime Section, has the technological infrastructure and the qualified personnel to implement the demonstration scenarios which will demonstrate that the developed technology delivers the expected results. Ertzaintza will also contribute to the ARIES project with personnel specialized in legal matters. Ertzaintza has extensive experience in combatting identity fraud, therefore, it has a unique insight in how to establish the necessary requirements that the proposed ecosystem has to achieve in order to validate that the developed technology really improves the prevention of this kind of fraud. As a member of the End-User Group, Ertzaintza will participate in the project’s transversal activities such as business modelling, communication, exploitation and dissemination of the developed technology.