Integration of Anonymous Credential Systems in IoT Constrained Environments

Monday, January 1, 2018

The pervasive nature of the Internet of Things (IoT) entails additional threats that compromise the security and privacy of IoT devices and, eventually, the users. This issue is aggravated in constrained IoT devices equipped with minimal hardware resources. Current security and privacy implementations need to be redesigned and implemented maintaining its level of assurance, aiming for this family of devices. To cope with this issue, this paper proposes the rst novel attempt to leverage anonymous credential systems (ACSs) to preserve the privacy of autonomous IoT constrained devices. Concretely, we have designed a solution to integrate IBM's identity mixer into constrained IoT ecosystems, endowing the IoT with ACSs' privacy preserving capabilities. The solution has been designed, implemented, and evaluated, proving its feasibility.


Jose Luis Canovas Sanchez, Jorge Bernal Bernabe and Antonio F. Skarmeta


IEEE access