Saher (UK) Ltd was formed in 2014 with an aim of taking innovative technologies to commercialisation in the security and policing domains. Its Directors come from both senior policing and commercial backgrounds thus blending practical operational policing and security needs with the needs of companies and the private sector. A term the company refers to as R2R – Reality to Retail. In addition to the director its associates are all experts in their fields with a specific focus on ethical issues, biometrics and the wide variety of security threats including crisis management, counter terrorism, training and evaluation and crisis management. The team has considerable operational and managerial experience and also have specific expertise in both delivery of EU funded projects and data and information management systems in use by the European Public Safety organisations. They have access to key personnel from within the police service and they are ideally placed to form the bridge between end users and the wider research community to ensure research activity meet policing and law enforcement needs. They are expert in knowledge and information management and working in multi-agency environments. The addition of ethical expertise from Academia within the company means Saher possesses both academic and police legal /ethical expertise and is uniquely placed to ensure security research activities are both innovative and ethically / legally sound.

Role in ARIES

Saher will contribute and add value to all non-technical activities within ARIES. Its primary focus will be the ethical and societal issues to ensure compliance and acceptance of the results produced. This includes ensuring results are fed into policy development at a governmental level. Saher will also work with end-users to ensure the link between research activity and end-user requirements is maintained therefore helping ensure the outcomes are both innovative and operationally acceptable. Finally Saher will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of the ARIES and work with others to maximize the economic benefits from the final products via its extensive network of law enforcement and security contacts in Europe and Middle East.

United Kingdom