Second ARIES pilot at Leeds Bradford Airport

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Leeds, UK

In November 2018 as part of the ARIES testing / validation processes, a proof of concept test was undertaken at a UK regional airport. This involved testing with project partners, representatives from an airline, the airport management and duty free retail staff. They put the ARIES App and processes to the test. Starting with registration, the participants stressed tested the ARIES system to check its user friendliness and how operationally it could enhance the service offered to a passengers and customers.

The test at the airport also used methods to try and "fool" the equipment using disguises, make up, hats, sun glasses, scarves not present on the facial photograph in the passport. Another  passport / out of date passport was also used to try and fool the system and the system performed well is detecting attempted eID misuse.

Feedback  was gathered and constructive input from users. Overall, the feedback was positive. Passengers and customers welcomed the fact they could decide the extent or type of their data to disclose e.g. when making an age restricted purchase in a shop, all that needed to be revealed was that the person was over a specified age. Users felt that their personal data was held securely and safely, respecting their privacy.  The airline and airport staff saw the potential in speeding up and increasing the efficiency of boarding whilst also possibly contributing to increased security by more accurate passport / ID checks at the boarding gate. 

All stakeholders have an interest in speed and convenience, but all have different priorities for a variety of reasons. Security has a particular relevance in different business models and for different reasons to the various stakeholders. This suggests that in the next phase of the project, attention will have to be paid to differentiation.

The results to date will be used to inform and further refine the system prior to the next test in early 2019 with a focus on ecommerce coupled with exploring the use of another biometric identifier - voice.