The University of Murcia is a big-sized University with approximately 36.000 students and 3.500 staff members. For the Faculty of Informatics, the ANTS research group will participate in this project. The ANTS group is a subdivision of the Intelligent Systems Group, from the Department of Communications and Information Engineering with experience in security in network infrastructure. UMU has a deep knowledge in security services, control access, domotics, inhome networking and smartcards developments. Indeed UMU has been collaborating in different national and international research projects, and establishing collaborations with important international research institutions. Finally in the area of security UMU has worked on SEINIT and POSITIF IST FP6 projects, working in different aspects as PKIv6 infrastructure, key management, secure signalling, policy languages, Policy based Network Management and access control and secure services based on SOA . Within SWIFT FP7 UMU work on the integration of IdM within mobile networks and services and the definition of a distributed and federation access control solution. Additionally UMU is working on SEMIRAMIS where a distributed architecture for access control and federated models is being defined, and within STORK2.0 where it is involved on integration of eID on university use case.

Role in the ARIES

UMU will be the scientific coordinator of the project as well as in charge of the project dissemination activities and contributing to the dissemination of scientific results of the project. From the technical point of view UMU will contribute to the integration of the secure components and the technology deployment aspects in the pilots. Also the team of lawyers in the team will work on the legal and privacy implication of the identity derivation and its assessment in relation to the EU regulations. Additionally based on the experience on eID UMU will work on the architecture for derivation of identities implementing authentication aspects and in the privacy preserving techniques linked with the derivation based on zero-proof solutions.