Use cases

We provide here a high-level description of the two real-world scenarios ARIES has selected in order to validate its results in terms of applicability of the resulting ecosystem and enabling tools and technologies and which will effectively demonstrate the progress beyond the state of the art we intend to achieve.

The secure eCommerce scenario will focus on demonstrating how virtual identities with different levels of assurance can be used to access different online services and how this level of assurance may determine the operations that peoples are allowed to perform. With this scenario we also aim to assess the usability and acceptability, for various user types, of ARIES digital mobile identities and ARIES app for both registration and authentication at the eCommerce online site.

The identity virtualization scenario will focus on the process of issuing and linking virtual identities with their physical counterparts, clearly establishing their level of assurance and how they can be further derived into convenient and privacy-preserving “pseudo-identities”. Both, the virtual identity derivation process and its usage for physical and digital authentication purposes will be linked to citizens’ biometrics, minimizing the chances of identity fraud.

The identity virtualization scenario will be demonstranted in the context of an airport where there are several sub-scenarios that allow to test the level of security, usability and privacy achieved through ARIES.