13th CoU on secure, safe and resilient societies meeting

BAO Congress Centre (rue Félix Hap 11, 1040 Brussels)

On 28th- 29th March the Commission will host a conference of the Community of Users on Safe, Secure and Resilient Societies in Brusels.

The European Commission supports and facilitates the activities of security practitioners at EU level and supports projects in the domains of forensics, cybercrime and cyber security.

On 28th, two thematic workshops on the following security research topics: Law enforcement needs for digital tools and Cybersecurity will foster dialogue between law enforcement agencies and projects developing digital tools.

ARIES project of the week

During the first week of February (4-8 February) ARIES has been selected as "project of the week" by is the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy. Among other services they compile a catalogue of projects and innitiatives addressing cybersecurity & privacy challenges, delivering a comprehensice overview of what is going on in this domain Europe-wide and National-wide, and tools to showcase projects results to a broad audience. 

ARIES presentation at Bilbao airport

Loiu airport (Bilbao)

Ertzaintza, one of the Law Enforcement Agencies that make part of the ARIES consortium, has organized a demonstration of the ARIES solution in the airport of Bilbao. On this occasion, the audience consisted of some representatives of Iberia and Aena, one of  world's leading airport operators. Iberia and Aena are ARIES project Associate Partners. As potential adopters of ARIES technologies they were very interested on the boarding use case. The presentation was oriented to the creation of virtual identities using e-passports and its possible usage in the boarding process.

H2020 Infoday

Erandio, Spain

On 7th February , ERTZAINTZA, one of our project partners, organised a conference on research and innovation.

The objective of the event was to spread news and create visibility among local stakeholders of the H2020 research and innovation projects. The audinece included industry, research centres, universities, legal enforcement agencies and emergency response units. Among the speakers there were representatives from DG HOME, the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and  partner organizations participating in H2020 projects with ERZTZAINZA.

ARIES at the ARI Digital Show

Madrid, Spain

ARIES was presented last 27th November at the Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) Digital Show.

The ARI Digital Show is the annual meeting held to present to other Atos Business Units some of the key projects that are in which they are working, that could provide new business solutions to other offering lines. Each year is focused to a different society group, and this year the targeted group was university students, so undergraduates of different business and technology schools were invited to the meeting.

Presentation of the ARIES solution at the Biometrics Institute Annual Conference 2018

London, UK

Juliet Lodge (Prof Em. Dr Dr) from Saher (UK) Ltd and partner in ARIES was a participant at the Biometrics Institute Annual Conference 18-19 Oct 2018. London

This high level international  annual meeting  gathers  technologists, ethicists, privacy lawyers, government officials and international organisations, biometrics developers and eID  solution providers together to discuss and demonstrate new developments in the field.